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Both are dressed in traditional German garment. Wir haben auch noch Telefon. Plot Summary: Alfred J Kwak lost his parents, brothers and sisters when he was young. He is very concerned with other people and values many virtues, like human rights and good manners. Join Facebook to connect with Alfred Kwak and others you may know. In the Dutch version, she speaks Afrikaans-accented Dutch. In the Israeli version, he is called Hafi, a diminutive for "Hafarperet" - the Hebrew word for "mole". Unsere Kunden sind mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden! Hallo Denis, ich habe gestern angefangen die Stimme einzubauen und bin sehr zufrieden! Vielen vielen Dank Ihnen bzw. This is particularly striking in the character of Dolf, who is initially a mere schoolboy, but who, as time passes, becomes a criminal and a dictator. For most of the series Great Waterland is an absolute monarchy, led by Franz Ferdinand, a lion. He asked if I could write a fairytale and if I could come over and tell and sing about it, while the orchestra would provide musical accompaniment. Herzlichen Dank also auch an Ned Irving. Though the show clearly portrays Dolf's acts as inherently negative and wrong, it also provides the background on how Dolf became who he is. Some time after his birth, Alfred loses his parents and his brothers and sisters after a car hits them. Unlike many other cartoons targeted for children, Alfred J… Sofia the First. The cartoon is also unusual for the subtlety of its long-term narrative. ist noch leer. Alfred J Kwak Clip Art. The cartoon is also notable for the political themes on which it touches. Without his money, Dolf's power quickly dwindles and he is forced to flee. Sei Dir meiner dringenden Weiterempfehlung gewiss. Alfred J. Kwak is the name and protagonist of a variety of Dutch media, most famously a cartoon, which was popular in several European countries, especially its native Netherlands, Germany, Finland and the United Kingdom. In the series' finale, after a manic hunt, Alfred finds Dolf, who tells him where Winnie is. I said: "I'm thinking of a duck?" The series characters were designed by Harald Siepermann. The Alfred J. Kwak Cast. He was raised by a mole. Lieben Dank Euch Allen - wieder einmal !!! 128 Packs Vintage Assorted Non Sports Trading Card Packs – Less Than $.30 Each. Alfred J. Kwak esittää meille otteita keltaisen ankan elämästä ja hänen on/off poikaystävänsä Korpin kommelluksista. herzlichen Dank für die tollen Aufnahmen! The series has been broadcast in many countries and has been dubbed and subtitled in Dutch, French, Japanese, Greek, English, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Hungarian, Finnish, Serbian, Polish, German, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Chinese, Czech, Romanian, Korean and Norwegian.[3]. Trending pages. Actress Ryan van den Akker is Alfred and Herman van Veen is Professor Paljas (an alternate phrase for fool, clown). Alan Carr 4. Such themes are far from typical in a children's cartoon, and form a big part of Alfred J. Kwak's appeal. Dolf eventually makes an appearance as an illegal arms dealer and general criminal in further episodes. Download or share these Alfred J Kwak Clip Arts. Regie führte Hiroshi Saitō (斉藤 博). He explains his ideas, but Alfred refuses and Dolf barges out of Alfred's house in a fit of rage. Join Facebook to connect with Alfred J Kwak and others you may know. Friederike. In der Regel reichen die ersten 3-5 Buchstaben eines Suchbegriffes, um schon den optimalen Treffer zu bekommen. Euch Allen für das wieder mal präzise-problemlos- professionell - flott und easy und angenehm abgewickelte Projekt! Other surreal elements to the cartoon include such strange characters as the evil genie of the bottle, living chess pieces from Alfred's chess game, Pied Piper style Clown on the Moon, and aliens who appear like ducks except for their human-style feet, and a "dream" style wild West episode during which Dolf seems to become aware that he is a character in a cartoon. History Talk (0) These are the characters, who originally appear from the Dutch/Japanese animated series, "Alfred J. Kwak", and have a bit role in the villains tournaments. Alfred as Thomas Henk as Edward Ollie as Henry Professor Paljas as Gordon Ruben Rabbit (from Skipper & Skeeto) as James Pikkie as Percy Jebediah (from The Little Engine That Could) as Toby Melvin Duck (from Skipper & Skeeto) as Duck The Tigers (from The Episode: Flying Carpet) as Donald and Douglas Fungy Frog (from … Lispel manages to escape and, though heavily wounded, is able to tell Alfred the truth on the flood. To make matters worse, Krabnagel discovers them and tries to get at them so he can eat them. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE. Complete your Alfred J. Kwak collection. They'd ordered him to create a serie of comic books to point the reading children at the bad things in the world and in the past, but without … Alfred Jodocus Kwak (Frits Lambrechts) Klaus Sonnenschein: Henk (Johnny Kraaykamp jr.) Andreas Mannkopff: Kra (Hermann van Veen) Herbert Weicker: Professor Pallias (Ena Heese) Susanna Bonaséwicz: Winnie … Aided by a former member of his Crows Party, he can escape and takes Winnie, Alfred's girlfriend, hostage. Alfred J Kwak और अपने अन्य परिचितों से जुड़ने के लिए Facebook में शामिल करें. In Alfred J. Kwak, we see the progress of the main characters from very young children to adulthood as the series advances. Dickinson und Hr. Wenn Sie das richtige nicht finden konnten. Alfred Jodocus Kwak voiced by Megumi Hayashibara and 1 other. Habe eben versucht, Sie persönlich zu erreichen, aber Sie sind schon in Urlaub - wohlverdient aus unserer Sicht :) denn Sie haben uns sehr geholfen und wir sind Ihnen sehr dankbar für die flotte und flexible Bearbeitung unseres Auftrages! Henk the mole, a good friend of the Kwak family, raises the little yellow duck. The father wears lederhosen, a feathered hat and, in the Dutch original, speaks with a heavy German accent, while Dolf's mother is seen in a dirndl outfit. View the profiles of people named Alfred J Kwak. Details about Alfred J. Kwak. Please help support BCDB with a donation or a subscription to the website. Wir werden Sie in der Produktionswelt weiter empfehlen und kommen beim nächsten Projekt gerne auf Sie zu. She works in the local university as a secretary (as first seen in episode 34) and lives with her brother Tom in a little house near the forest. Schön auch dass ihr mehrere Varianten gemacht habt, ich bin bin rundum zufrieden! Geben Sie in der Stichwortsuche z.b. [2] There are also toys and a comic based on the animated series. It begins with Dolf returning from abroad, in a train with Austrian markings, and meeting up with his friends. He made up the character and the stories for comic books for Unicef. The man I was talking to on the phone was the leader of a symphonic orchestra. Alfred experiences a lot of adventures. Michaela, Hallo Frank Willer, wir sind hier alle begeistert, wie reibungslos und unkompliziert der Ablauf war. Der Film wird wunderbar dank der tollen Stimmen und Aufnahmen und wir freuen uns bereits auf das nächste gemeinsame Projekt. Organisieren, tapen, anlegen, mixen, mastern und auf unterschiedlichsten Medien zur Verfügung stellen und alles in höchster Qualität und natürlich geringstem Zeitfenster. Pokemon Chronicles. David, vielen Dank für die professionelle Arbeit und schnelle Umsetzung. He is very concerned with other people. Dolf manages to escape and continues his life of crime. It is Alfred's birthplace as well the home, or future home, of many of the show's characters. Other episodes have satirised the Japanese love of golf, and criticised countries which have sharp north/south economic divides. Henk the Mole voiced by Kenichi Ogata and 1 other. He is Alfred's archenemy and first appears in episode 4. + 49 (0) 30 - 26 55 17 63   + 49 (0) 30 - 25 74 03 63 In the Hebrew version, His name is "Shealtiel". Dolf is an interesting villain, different from your ordinary vicious pirate or mean … Winnie is a black duck and Alfred's girlfriend, her name is a reference to Winnie Mandela. Jun 21, 2020 - Explore Hilde Thysen's board "Alfred Jodocus Kwak" on Pinterest. Dolf once again attempts to rule Great Waterland as one of the three official candidates. Die Aufnahme hört sich wirklich gut an. Serien sändes i början av 1990-talet på bl.a. Dolf however is petrified and convinced that his friends will make fun of him, and makes Alfred swear he will never tell anyone about it. Plus jede Menge Wir brauchen noch dieses.. und Könnt Ihr noch jenes.. All das hat fehlerfrei geklappt und es grenzt für mich an ein Wunder. Alfred J. Kwak (Quack The Duck) Cartoon Series -Alternate: Quack The Duck, Page 2 by Big Cartoon DataBase is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The series characters … So kurzfristig, so ein professionelles Ergebnis, ist traumhaft. Bator für die gute Zusammenarbeit bei diesem Projekt bedanken! Liebe Frau Schmidt, wir sind sehr zufriedenen mit der Vertonung. John Baddeley 2. Alfred J. Kwak (jap. Winnie Wana voiced by Yuko Kobayashi and 2 others. It is, partly, a caricature of the Netherlands. Macht Spaß mit Euch. Herzliche Grüße von der Saale, Mario, Liebe Frau Schmidt! Die Möglichkeit, live beim EInsprechen dabei zu sein, ist eine ganz tolle Sache. Grüße Simon. Hugo Myatt Der Kunde war sehr zufrieden und wir sind immer noch überrascht, wie schnell so eine Aufnahme im Kasten sein kann. Item Information. "Alfred J. Kwak's Theme" is sung before each episode in Alfred J. Kwak's show. Liebes Team von der Sprecherdatei Lieber Herr Bergemann, lieber Alex, lieber Kuba, nochmals vielen Dank für die professionelle und verbindliche Zusammenarbeit, sowie Ihre Mühe und Unterstützung im Rahmen der Dermasence Sprachaufnahmen. In the cartoon, Alfred fights against a fascist dictator, takes in refugees fleeing from a country under Apartheid (with white geese and black ducks), saves whales against hunters, and oversees the changeover of his country from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy with a democratically elected president. Political opponents, including Alfred, are imprisoned on the charge of high treason. It consists of 52 episodes. Sonnige Grüße aus dem Südosten Berlins, Cindy, Liebe Claudia, vielen Dank für die Aufnahme! The main villain of the series was the crow Dolf de Kraai [Dutch name]. Dazu klicken Sie jeweils auf den auswählen Textlink neben dem Foto des Sprechers.Dann können Sie in diesem Feld Ihre Auswahl per E-Mail an einen Empfänger senden, sich zum Anfrage Formular weiter klicken und dort auch alle Sprachproben in einen einzigen Zip herunterladen. He then discusses the current political climate in Great Waterland, and expresses disgust of it. Edit. After telling Alfred her whereabouts, Dolf attempts to escape, only to be caught by the police and put into prison. Viele Grüße Heike, Hallo Herr Bergemann, I regretted it a lot. Das funktioniert auch genauso mit den Altersgruppen und Genre. Synchronbesetzung von Alfred J. Kwak mit Sprachproben - deutsche Synchronstimmen, Synchronschauspieler Cast nach Rollen mit Hörproben + 49 (0) 30 - 26 55 17 63 + 49 (0) 30 - 25 74 03 63 Television series Alfred J. Kwak often dealt with serious topics such as drugs, whale hunting, poverty, the environment and diseases. Wenn Sie dazu noch das Geschlecht einschräänken, bekommen Sie auch nur Frauen oder männer angezeigt. Join Facebook to connect with Alfred J. Kwak and others you may know. vielen Dank für die rechnung und die professionelle und angenehme Zusammenarbeit. Alfred experiences a lot of adventures. In order to get ahead of other two candidates (Ollie being the first candidate) he hires some foreigners to sabotage the dam, which protects the waterland from being flooded by the seawater. Wenn wir demnächst mal wieder in Berlin drehen, kommen wir Euch mal Alfred J. Kwak is a duck. Free shipping. The time setting of the cartoon is somewhat surreal. Dolf is the main antagonist from the Dutch cartoon Alfred J. Kwak. One night I was on my way home and drove my car through the countryside, and accidentally ran over a duck. Henk, a mole, lives in a verdant grassland of Holland in company of his friend Johan Kwak, bachelor duck having a sabot as a house. Waterfowl aren't real birds, like us. Herr Mänz und ich, wir sind sehr inspiriert von Ihrer Professionalität! "Niente paura, c'è Alfred!" Stefan, Hallo Herr Riechert, vielen Dank für die fixe und professionelle Arbeit. Amon… Vielen Dank, Denis, an Dich und Dein komplettes Team. Se perustuu hollantilaisen Herman van Veenin kirjoittamaan teatterinäytelmään, joka … Created by multi-talent Herman van Veen, Alfred was originally a theatre piece in the 1970s, then a … Wie immer perfekt - schnell - professionell :-) Bis zum nächsten Mal! Cartoons: Alfred J. Kwak fanfiction archive with over 6 stories. After a fight, in which Dolf attempts to kill Alfred by pushing his car off the road, Dolf is again captured and is sentenced to 26 years of imprisonment. Lyrics. That's how Alfred was born. Some time after his birth, Alfred loses his parents and his brothers and sisters who died when a car hits them. Alfred and Dolf, trapped at the bottom a well somewhere in a lonely snowy landscape. Not much later the King of Great Waterland himself flees as well, and Dolf proclaims himself Emperor Dolf I. Alfred and the other political dissidents however devised a plan to dispose of Dolf and steal Dolf's inheritances from the vaults of his palace. Free shipping . Unlike many other cartoons targeted for children, Alfred J. Kwak features exceptionally mature and often dark themes. He then, in an attempt to get rid of any compromising evidence, tries to kill Lispel, who saw the criminal act. Category page. Click on a Alfred J Kwak clip art picture to see the share links for social media. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Suchen Sie nach Plz 9000 und Italienisch, wenn Sie einen Italienischen Nativ Sprecher suchen der in Bayern lebt. Jeweils ein zehnseitiges Sprecherbuch. Friends, family and the environment, are also close to his heart and he in some episodes even risks his own safety when it comes to do the right thing. Alfred J. Kwak was born as the son of Johan Sebastian and Anna Kwak. I'll sing you a story of a duck A duck whose name is Alfred Kwak Yes, Alfred Jonathan Kwak He comes from a lovely little town A lovely town in Waterland Where life is grand Dipping bobbing diving After the dam has broken Dolf cunningly withdraws his entry because he wants to *help* people and cannot waste time on a campaign. Some time after his birth, Alfred loses his parents and his brothers and sisters who died when a car hits them. Manfred, Lidl, Batman, James Bond, Paris, Mercedes, House of oder Housewives ein um Sprecher zu finden die dem entsprechen. Sie brauchen nicht alle zu wählen. Alfred Jeremias Kwak är en nederländsk TV-serie som skapades i samarbete mellan Telecable Benelux B.V. (Belgien), VARA (Nederländerna), ZDF (Tyskland), TV Tokyo (Japan) och TVE (Spanien). After his family was run over by a car, he was adopted by Henk and lives with him in a clog-shaped house. In most children's cartoons, the characters do not age. 2007 - 2020 - It consists of 52 episodes. Auf in neue Abenteuer... Heiko. Episode 22 through 25 are essentially an allegory of the rise and fall of Fascism and Nazism, with Dolf himself, though wearing a Napoleonic uniform, as a clear caricature of Adolf Hitler. The land consists of polders, the town Alfred lives in is built in a typical Dutch style, while he himself lives in a house made from a clog. Alfred and Henk express their fear of Dolf, but Henk reassures Alfred that Dolf will never gather enough money to fund his intended party. Henk the mole, a good friend of the Kwak family, raises the little orphan duck. Dolf eventually stages a coup d'etat and takes over the country. Alfred meets her and her family, in episode 27, on a train leaving for Great Waterland after his holidays. A few days later I was at home on the telephone and saw a mother duck and seven little ducklings wobbling through our garden. The series covers the life of Alfred from the day he is born. Dolf then decides to found a political party, the later National Crows Party, for which he goes to Alfred to lend money. besuchen! Hallo Frau Tilgner, ich darf mich im Namen aller Beteiligten hier an der Hochschule für die gute und professionelle Zusammenarbeit bedanken., Agentur In the first episode Dolf's parents, a crow and a blackbird, can be seen making disparaging comments on the eggs of Alfred's mother. and the man said "Excellent, so you'll write us a fairytale about a duck". Danckelmannstrasse 914059 Berlin, das Projekt ist heute abgeschlossen worden und die von euch erstelle Vertonung hat gut gepasst. He presents Johan to Anna, a charming duck lady. He founds his party, which through promising employment and change quickly becomes a major and powerful political movement. Verlässliche Profis und angenehme Partner. He made up the character and the stories for comic books for Unicef. $37.00. Beste Grüße Michael, Besten Dank Herr Bergmann, hatte seit Herrn Kerzels Einsprechen den ganzen Tag Proben, deshalb erst jetzt meine Rückmeldung. Dolf can also be seen to express a sense of self hate and poor self image; as he is disgusted by the fact that he is only part crow, and paints his orange beak black to disguise his true identity. Alfred J. Kwak was created in the late 1980's by the Dutch writer, performer, musician, composer Herman van Veen. In the first episode Dolf's parents, a crow and a blackbird, can be seen making disparaging comments on the eggs of Alfred's mother. When our children were still young, I wrote the first story on Alfred Jodocus Kwak. View the profiles of people named Alfred Kwak. Alfred Jodocus Kwak is a duck. Oder auch nur Gor, wenn Sie nicht wissen ob man Gordon, Gorden oder Gordan schreibt und das der richtige Begriff ist den Sie suchen. TV4. Alfred J. Kwak was born as the son of Johan Sebastian and Anna Kwak. Oh, they look repulsive. Wir möchten uns nochmal bei Ihnen/Sprecherdatei-Team, Hr. Lyn Beardsall 3. $100.00. Serien handlar om djur som beter sig som människor och utspelar sig i modern idyllisk lantlig miljö. Nochmals Danke schön und sonnige Grüße Michael, Lieber Denis, Sprachaufnahmen in 25 (!) Wollte wieder mal ein positives Feedback abgeben, dass es auch dieses Mal sehr entspannt und höchst professionell abging, nicht nur bei der Aufnahme, sondern auch im Vorfeld… Freu mich drauf, wenn nochmals Jobs anstehen, Danke euch allen sehr dafür!!! Hallo Frau Siebert, hier der Link zu dem Video: Herzlichen Dank & Viele Grüße Dolf is Alfred's archenemy and first appears in episode 4. Near the conclusion of the show's first season Dolf assumes command, and Waterland briefly becomes an authoritarian fascist state, before reverting to a monarchy and eventually becoming a constitutional monarchy with an elected president. They'd ordered him to create a serie of comic books to point the reading children at the bad things in the world and in the past, but without …

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