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Republican Senator Susan Collins was challenged by Democratic nominee Sara Gideon, the speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, as well as independent candidates Lisa Savage and Max Linn. Bei der Wahl zum Senat der Vereinigten Staaten 2020 wurde planmäßig am 3. #mepolitics", "Former Maine Gov. Danielle VanHelsing(Independent) Democratic primary candidates 1. Popular vote in Maine over time Below is a chart over time of our model’s best estimate of each major party’s share of the vote in Maine’s Senate race (ignoring votes cast for third parties) . Collins Wins Maine Senate Race as Gideon Concedes By Reuters and The New York Times • November 4, 2020 Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine… Maine voters will elect a U.S. [2], Republican Senator Susan Collins, widely considered the most liberal Republican U.S. senator, ran for a fifth term. coverage of the Maine Congressional races being held in 2020. Michael Bunker 5. Related Content. See our election dashboard and find your local races. #mepolitics", "Green candidate's entry pushes Maine toward ranked-choice U.S. Senate race in 2020", "If only you hadn't voted for a tax bill that buries us in an absurd amount of debt and hinders our flexibility to find solutions. It might leave @SenatorBrakey alone in the #me02 primary. 755 – Senate Vote #34 – Feb 5, 2020", "Susan Collins says Trump 'has learned' from impeachment case", "Collins: Trump has learned 'a pretty big lesson' from impeachment", "Collins admits comments about Trump learning a lesson are 'aspirational, "Democrats say Collins broke two-term pledge Senator made promise in '96, '02, admits she underestimated seniority", "Letter to the Editor: Collins ignores her two-term pledge", "Susan Collins challenger hit with ethics complaints over reimbursements",,, "Maine Green Party Fails to get its U.S. Senate Candidate on the Green Party Primary Ballot | Ballot Access News", "For People, Planet & Peace: Interview with Lisa Savage, Ind. Give him Hawaii, Biden needs to find 58 electoral votes somewhere — some combination of Minnesota (10), Arizona (11), Michigan (16), Wisconsin (10), Pennsylvania (20), Iowa (6), Nevada (6), Maine (3), ME-02 (1), NE-02 (1), Georgia (16). Lisa Savage left the party because of Maine's ballot access requirements; Savage needed 2,000 registered party members to sign a nomination petition to appear on the ballot as the Green Party candidate but could only gather them from January 1 until the March 15 deadline. We have a chance to replace Susan Collins with a true progressive who is fighting for #MedicareForAll, a #GreenNewDeal & to #EndTheWars", "Maine DSA Endorses U.S. Senate Candidate Lisa Savage", "We are proud to announce Maine DSA has voted to endorse Lisa Savage for U.S. It will be updated following the primary on July 14, 2020. Mills's executive order also expanded voters' ability to request absentee ballots, which may now be done up to and on election day. Additional data from U.S. Census Bureau, MIT Election Lab and POLITICO reporting. All told, more than $120 million was spent by both candidates and their allies on advertising. Author of POLITICO Massachusetts Playbook. Senate! November 2020 die Zusammensetzung dieser oberen Kammer des Kongresses der Vereinigten Staaten bestimmt. Maine has one of the most competitive Senate races this cycle. Republicans go into the night with a 53-47 majority. MAINE, Maine — To say Maine's 2020 U.S. Senate race is the most expensive political race in state history doesn't even begin to explain what's going on. No alternative party candidate for statewide office had been able to meet this requirement since Pat LaMarche did so in 2006 for Governor. The Democratic nominee, Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives Sara Gideon, supports criminal justice reforms, expansion of the Affordable Care Act, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, and imposing universal background checks on gun sales to combat gun violence. Jonathan Treacy 4. [32] Eleven days later, Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon announced her candidacy, receiving widespread media coverage. And if Republicans are having a really strong night, Michigan is their next best opportunity. He can lose Georgia, but then he needs to win EVERYTHING ELSE if he also lost Pennsylvania. This was Maine's first election for its Class 2 seat to use its ranked choice voting system. Live Maine election results from the 2020 general election including presidential, Senate and House races and ballot initiatives. Cathleen London 2. "We came up short," Gideon told supporters on Wednesday afternoon. The emphasis on seniority became a key theme of her campaign. Sara Gideon 2. Democrat Sara Gideon has conceded the Maine Senate race to incumbent Republican Sen. Susan Collins, a top target of Democrats. But one thing to keep a close eye on: Georgia. [29][30][31] On June 13, 2019, former Maine gubernatorial candidate Betsy Sweet declared her candidacy. Gideon apologized for the violation, reimbursed the federal government a total of $3,250, and closed the PAC. Lisa Savage, a longtime antiwar activist and schoolteacher from Solon, initially sought the Maine Green Independent Party nomination, but in late February, she announced her intention to instead qualify for the ballot as an independent due to Maine's restrictive ballot access measures. During his presidency, Collins's stance on Trump waffled, as he did not share her moderate politics, but had a strong base in Maine's sprawling, rural 2nd congressional district. We analyzed Maine’s Senate race to determine who we think will win in 2020. [17] She has also been criticized for running for third, fourth, and fifth Senate terms despite vowing to serve no more than two terms during her 1996 campaign, though she has explained this as a product of having learned the value of seniority in the Senate. Candidate for Senate in Maine", "Green US Senate candidate to unenroll for easier path to Maine ballot in 2020", "Max Linn Cleared For Ballot After Challenge Is Withdrawn", "Max Linn now says he'll only quit Senate race if Susan Collins endorses 5 policies", "Mills officially pushes back June elections to July 14", "Progressive Democrat Betsy Sweet unveils bid to challenge Susan Collins", "Gideon announces she will challenge Collins in 2020", "Sara Gideon to Challenge Susan Collins for Maine Senate Seat", "Susan Collins draws a Democratic challenger who seeks to undermine her moderate image", "Maine Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Sara Gideon skips debate", "Maine Democratic US Senate hopeful Gideon misses debate", "Underdogs get last chance to challenge Democratic favorite in Maine US Senate debate", "Saco lawyer Bre Kidman seeks Democratic backing to challenge Susan Collins", "Michael Bunker of Bangor has filed to run as a Dem against @SenatorCollins in 2020 #mepolitics #mesen", "I am running because #SCOTUS cannot wait @SenatorCollins needs to realize that Maine & the country are watching & she was held accountable for her votes #mepolitics My announcement: … @DrCat4ME", "LONDON, Cathleen Greenberg Dr – Candidate overview", "Independent challenging Collins aims to be first transgender member of Congress", "Retired General From Oxford Withdraws From US Senate Race", "Democrats aren't racing to run against Susan Collins in 2020", "Unbelievably honored to have the endorsement of so many Mainers as I launch my campaign for U.S. Senate to defeat Susan Collins. The candidate list below is based on candidate filing lists provided by the Maine Secretary of State on March 16, 2020. Sen. Susan Collins. We do not have data for the following candidates: Danielle Vanhelsing (I) Tiffany Bond (I) NOTE: All the numbers on this page are for the 2015-2020 Senate election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data available electronically on November 28, 2020. [89] Collins at one point proposed holding 16 debates, one for every county in Maine, but such a schedule was not agreed upon. On April 20, 2019, attorney and activist Bre Kidman became the first person to announce their candidacy for the Democratic nomination, making them the first ever U.S. Senate candidate who identifies as non-binary. By The New York Times • November 4, 2020 Sara Gideon, Maine’s Democratic candidate for Senate, conceded the race to the Republican incumbent, … The senator from Maine has emerged from the toughest re-election battle of her career more influential than ever, and ready to play a crucial deal-making role in a divided Senate. Tracking the money in Maine’s 2020 US Senate race. James Stephanie Department of Useless Facts: Aroostook County, Maine, is so big that it's larger than Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. I will always put Maine first and I'm proud to have the support of these dedicated public servants. Bre Kidman 3. The county they are referring to is her native Aroostook County The likeliest flips for Democrats are Colorado and Arizona, followed by tight races in Maine, North Carolina and Iowa. Mills endorses Gideon for US Senate", "Stacey Abrams endorses candidates in 7 US Senate contests", "LaJeunesse ends Senate campaign, endorses Gideon", "Senate Candidates – Council for a Livable World", "Sen. Susan Collins Loses Endorsement Of Major Gun Control Group", "Democrat Sara Gideon Nabs 3 Key Endorsements In Maine's 2020 Senate Race", "NRDC Action Fund Endorses 9 House, Senate Candidates", "Sierra Club #ClimateVoter Guide: Endorsements", "Endorsements – Voter Protection Project", "Seven Labor Unions Endorse Sara Gideon for U.S. Senate", "Trump agrees '100%' that Susan Collins' 2020 re-election is crucial for Republicans", "George W. Bush to hold virtual fundraiser for Republican senators", "Joe Manchin endorses Susan Collins for reelection", "Former Democratic senator, vice presidential nominee Lieberman endorses Collins", "Collins picks up endorsements from Mass. by Jessica Piper July 20, 2020 August 5, 2020. [20] Gideon was also criticized for keeping the Maine House of Representatives adjourned for most of the year (neighboring New Hampshire had reconvened its sizably larger legislature by late spring) and for allegedly turning a blind eye to a legislative colleague accused of molesting underage girls until she was forced to acknowledge the scandal.[21][22]. [18][19] Collins's campaign emphasized her efficiency as a legislator, her efforts to pass the Paycheck Protection Program and other aid for small businesses, and her growing seniority and influence in the Senate, in particular her potential chairwomanship of the Appropriations Committee. (I) denotes an incumbent. Observers do not anticipate this election to continue that trend. But days later, he decided not to drop out unless Collins agreed to a list of policies, which she did not.[27]. Our View: Out-of-control money in Maine’s U.S. Senate race. So the majority could be won tonight. [33][34][35][36] A number of other candidates announced their candidacies, including General Jon Treacy and former Google executive and political aide Ross LaJeunesse, who would have been the first openly gay man elected to the Senate. Alex's sources are likely right, and it's going to be a long wait. Now that California is in Biden's column, he's at 209 electoral votes, to Trump's 119. Tags: Sara Gideon. Republican Senator Susan Collins, widely considered the most liberal Republican U.S. senator, is running for a fifth term. Dabei standen 35 der 100 Senatssitze zur Wahl, regulär die 33 Senatoren der Klasse II und Nachwahlen in Arizona (für das Mandat des verstorbenen John McCain) und in Georgia (für den Sitz des … He said he respects @SenatorCollins & her approach to governing, even if he doesn't always agree with her. Ranked voting is sometimes called an "instant runoff.'' Bill Nemitz remembers the moment he realized a new front had been opened in one of the most important senate races in the country. Collins was considered one of the most vulnerable Republican senators due to her decreased polling numbers and perceived harm to her reputation, but was reelected by an unexpectedly large 8.6% margin, with 51% of the vote to Gideon's 42.4%. The race for Maine's U.S. Senate is a tight one. RealClearPolitics - Election 2020 - Maine Senate - Collins vs. Gideon Christine Gates 3. Stay tuned on Nov. 3 for live analysis from our reporters. Maine is one of the least diverse states in the U.S. Maine's median household income falls in the middle of the pack. See all candidates in this race. @BrucePoliquin confirms that he won't run for office in 2020. Gideon Concedes Maine Senate Race November 4, 2020 at 1:29 pm EST By Taegan Goddard 225 Comments Sen. Susan Collins said her Democratic opponent, Sara Gideon, called her to concede in the Maine Senate race, Politico reports. John Baldacci wants Stephen King to run for office: 'You've got a winner there, "Stephen King: 'It's time for Susan Collins to go, "Anti-Susan Collins Campaign Raises $2 Million, Crashes During Kavanaugh Speech", "Susan Rice Will Not Run Against Susan Collins For Maine Senate Seat In 2020", "Love that Betsy Sweet has a disclaimer on emails sent from email lists that were not her own. Gov., former Maine Sen. Cohen", "Baker, long averse to national GOP politics, backs Susan Collins in Maine Senate race", "Blue state GOP Govs. Maine was the only state to elect a senator of a different party than the winner of its presidential contest in the November 3 election, with Collins outperforming President Donald Trump by nearly 18%, who lost the state to Democratic nominee Joe Biden by 9.1%. Shows a commitment to transparency. [73], The four candidates participated in two in-person debates on September 11 and September 29, both held without an audience. Linn (I) with 2%; "Don't recall" and would not vote with 1%; Did not vote with 0%; Undecided with 1%, Standard VI response with voters who lean towards a given candidate, Linn (I) and "Someone else" with 1%; Undecided with 4%, Reassigning the second preferences of Linn, Savage and "Someone else" voters, "No second choice" and "Someone else" with 1%; Undecided with 4%, Reassigning the second preferences of Savage voters, Reassigning the second preferences of Linn and Savage voters, Linn (I), "Someone else" and "Refused" with 1%; would not vote with 0%; Undecided with 7%, "No second preference" and "Refused" with 1%; Linn (I) and "Someone else" with 0%; Undecided with 7%, If the only candidates were Collins and Gideon, Linn (I) with 2%; "Other" and "Refused" with 1%; Undecided with 5%, Assigning the second preferences of non-Collins/Gideon voters, Linn (I) and "Refused" with 1%; "Other" with 0%; Undecided with 6%, Topline after Ranked Choice Voting is used, Would not vote with 1%; Linn (I) and "someone else" with 0%; "Undecided/Refused" with 6%, "Someone else" with 1%; Undecided with 3%, "Other" with 2%; Linn (I) with 0%; Undecided with 7%, Would not vote with 1%; Undecided with 7%, If only Collins and Gideon were candidates, Would not vote with 1%; Undecided with 4%, "Refused" and would not vote with 1%; Undecided with 13%, Would not vote with 2%; "Refused" with 1%; Undecided with 14%, Would not vote with 2%; "Refused" with 1%; Undecided with 15%, "Someone else" and would not vote with 2%; Undecided with 6%, "Minor party candidates" with 6%; Undecided with 12%, Additional data sourced from FiveThirtyEight, Undecided with 12%; "Would not vote/would not vote for US Senate" with 1%, First choice on an RCV ballot if the candidates were Collins, Gideon and VanHelsing (I), "Consider voting for Collins" with 40%; Undecided with 8%, United States Senate election in Maine, 2020, Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, 2018 United States Senate election in Maine, Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs, International Union of Operating Engineers, Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign, "Where Senators Stand on the Health Care Bill", "New Report Calls Maine 2020 Senate Race A 'Toss-Up, "Cook Political Report moves Susan Collins Senate race to 'toss up, "Political expert says next year's Senate race a 'toss-up, "U.S. Senate: U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 115th Congress – 2nd Session", "On the Nomination PN2259: Brett M. Kavanaugh, of Maryland, to ... – Senate Vote #223 – Oct 6, 2018", "READ: Susan Collins' statement on impeachment witness vote", "U.S. Senate: U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 116th Congress – 2nd Session", "Guilty or Not Guilty H.Res. Longtime Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate and the last New England Republican serving in either chamber of … The 2020 United States Senate election in Maine was held on November 3, 2020, to elect a member of the United States Senate to represent the State of Maine, concurrently with the 2020 U.S. presidential election, as well as other elections to the United States Senate, elections to the United States House of Representatives and various state and local elections. [28] The primaries were conducted with ranked choice voting. Former Republican State Senator Mary Small challenged the signatures on his petition, but the Secretary of State found that he had enough and he was placed on the ballot. There are a huge number of potentially competitive races. Both featured vulnerable Republican … Mail ballot processing starts a week before Electon Day. There are other non-partisan political websites, including Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, that still view the Maine Senate race as “leaning Republican.” Originally published 5:00 p.m. August 16, 2019. [143] Gideon conceded to Collins on November 4. ", "Sen. Susan Collins announces re-election campaign", "A Trump Republican says he'll challenge Susan Collins from the right in 2020", "Longshot Republican primary challenger to Susan Collins exits 2020 race", "Federal judge rejects Max Linn's effort to run in Maine Republican primary", ". Two debates were held with all three candidates, while one hosted by WCSH was attended only by Sweet and Kidman. Or... it could be won in January. Instead, Savage sought to appear as an independent candidate, which required 4,000 signatures, but they may be from any registered voter, not just party members and they could have been gathered until the June deadline. | November 04, 2020 11:15 AM Republican Susan Collins beat back Democratic challenger Sara Gideon and defied all polling to win a fifth term representing Maine in … You may not have children, but I do, and they deserve a goddam future without crippling debt and a crumbling planet. #MESen #MEpolitics", "Democrats lining up to consider challenging Collins in 2020", "The effort to unseat Susan Collins in 2020 is already underway", "Lewiston lawyer might challenge Collins in 2020", "Here's the latest on Maine Democrats mulling a run against Susan Collins in 2020", "Not surprising, but @RepGolden said today he is not going to run for US Senate. The possibilities are a little dizzying. Parties qualified to participate in the 2020 primary election were the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Maine Green Independent Party. Maine Public. Party primaries were initially scheduled to take place on June 9, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the state, Governor Janet Mills rescheduled them for July 14. The race in Maine is undecided, with only 70% of votes tallied, but Republican Sen. Susan Collins leads Democrat challenger Sara Gideon by six points (49.6% to 43.5%). Their ads visually look similar, but the super PAC Senate Majority PAC has been spending weeks running 15-second TV ads where Maine voters saying they used to support Collins, but give various reasons for why the thinks she's changed and they can't support her anymore, Speaking of the Susan Collins Senate race in Maine, here's one of her ads. LaJeunesse and Treacy withdrew, with LaJeunesse endorsing Gideon. In July 2020, he qualified for the ballot as an independent. There are also races in Montana, South Carolina, Kansas, Alaska and Texas that could flip if Democrats are having a REALLY good night. ; Die Republikaner* verfügen seit 2014 über eine Mehrheit im US-Senat. The likeliest flip for Republicans is Alabama. Besides, he said, his #ME02 seat is "not a stepping stone" & he plans to stay. "[15] She initially claimed that Trump "learned a pretty big lesson" from the impeachment,[16] but later said she thought he had not learned from it after all. Kirsten Gillibrand Wants To Be Behind That Effort", "ME-Sen: Sen. Chris Murphy (D. CT) Helps ME House Speaker Sara Gideon (D) Defeat Susan Collins (R)", "Representative Chellie Pingree Endorses Sara Gideon for U.S. Senate", "Gov. If Democrats can flip two of those three, they'll likely win back the majority six years after losing it. Hire a mom for Senate", "Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions", "Combined, Susan Collins and Sara Gideon have spent $30 million dollars so far trying to convince you to vote for them, or, based on the negative campaigning, convincing you not to vote for the other. Calculated by taking the difference of 100% and all other candidates combined. Skip to Navigation; Skip to Main Content ; Skip to Footer; 92k advertisers spent $2 billion to run 14 million online political ads: SEE THE DATA › You can support journalism in the public interest. Ranked-choice voting will come into play in the Maine 2020 Senate race with four candidates appearing on the ballot: Collins, the long-time GOP incumbent fighting to … You have an alternative! General election candidates The general election candidate list is incomplete. In 2019, Gideon faced an election ethics complaint for accepting reimbursements for her political donations from her own PAC. It's a really interesting contrast with what Democrats have done. Senator on November 3, 2020 in the race between incumbent Senator Susan Collins and Maine Speaker of the House Sara Gideon, along with Independents Lisa Savage and Max Linn. [26] Later that month, he announced his intention to drop out of the race to support Collins. Gideon’s campaign manager, Amy Mes… Collins voted in favor of allowing witness testimony in the Senate trial, and was the first Republican to do so,[10] and she voted to acquit Trump on both charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The 2020 election in Maine marked the first use of ranked choice voting in a presidential contest in the U.S. Maine voters first approved ranked voting in federal races in a statewide referendum in 2016. Larry Hogan, Charlie Baker endorse Susan Collins", "Paul LePage downplays past criticism of Susan Collins: 'I absolutely endorse' her", "Maine Fraternal Order of Police endorses Susan Collins for US Senate", "Bre Kidman endorses Lisa Savage for US Senate", "I knew @LisaForMaine was a real one when she defended Julian Assange. Stephanie Meanwhile, Collins goes into Election Night never revealing whether she voted for Trump for a second term. POLITICO's coverage of 2020 races for President, Senate, House, Governors and Key Ballot Measures. [3] Collins has won each election to this seat by a greater victory margin than the one before it. How a life-sized Biden could be a larger-than-life president, Three reasons Joe Biden flipped the Midwest, How a life-sized Biden could be a larger-than-life president, Three reasons Joe Biden flipped the Midwest. Neben der Entscheidung zwischen Donald Trump* und Joe Biden* geht es bei der US-Wahl 2020 auch um 35 Sitze im Senat. [23][24][25] In April, Savage turned in more than 5,500 signatures to the Secretary of State's office and thus qualified for the general election ballot. Betsy Sweet Withdrew, disqualified, or did not make ballot 1. In fact, of the 10 most expensive Senate races ever, seven of them are happening in the 2020 election, according to calculations made by Advertising Analytics, a … Election results provided by the Associated Press. But that didn’t include millions of dollars of so-called dark money. The Green Party had roughly 41,000 members statewide, which was significantly fewer than the Democratic and Republican parties but nonetheless required the same number of signatures. Tiffany Bond(Independent) 3. [90], Collins defeated Gideon in the general election with 51.1% of the first-place votes, precluding additional rounds of tabulation. Also, hey, @RingelsteinME is backing her! The Senate is in the spotlight as 2020 contests get underway. [37][38][39], Two candidates declared their intentions to run for the Maine Green Independent Party's nomination, but one withdrew and the other left the party to become an independent. To your point about Maine's blue tilt, James, the Maine Democratic Party even paid for lawn signs that say "TRUMP COLLINS 2020" to try and tie her to the president. OpenSecrets is nonpartisan, trusted and we publish straight-up data, news and analysis you count on. She voted to confirm Trump's nominees Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, but against the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett just days before the 2020 election, citing disagreement with process. The Legislature later enacted a law to ensure that it's used in the presidential race. Maine has an middling number of people with four-year college degrees. Senate! Your Vote 2020. [144], Likely primary voter subsample of 306 likely general election Democratic voters, Undecided with 31%; LaJeunesse with 0%; "another candidate" with 2%. The state is no better informed after $200 million in campaign spending, but we may be more divided than ever. Two races in that state, and one is almost certain to head to a January 5 runoff, while the other is going to be extremely close and could potentially also go to a runoff. With 33 seats up for grabs — and Republicans currently holding a narrow majority — here's everything you need to know. Max Linn, a financial planner and conservative activist from Bar Harbor, is a Trump supporter and former candidate of the Republican and Reform parties. In Maine Senate race, the candidates get personal, and even their husbands are targets for attacks Joe Sanfelippo stated on November 9, 2020 in a news release: By Allan James Vestal, Andrew Briz, Annette Choi, Beatrice Jin, Andrew McGill and Lily Mihalik. [11][12][13][14] She said she voted to acquit because "impeachment of a president should be reserved for conduct that poses such a serious threat to our governmental institutions as to warrant the extreme step of immediate removal from office. Maine Senate race results 2020, including votes for Sara Gideon and Sen. Susan Collins in each county and district, live maps and polling results. ", "1/2 The Libertarian Party no longer has party status in the State of Maine, as it did not reach the threshold of 10,000 voters in the Nov. 6 General Election, as required in Maine law. Charlie That ad is a perfect example of how Collins has tried to hang on in Maine despite the state's blue tilt. Live 2020 Maine election results and maps by country and district. It was early October; Nemitz, a columnist for the Portland Press Herald, had his home television muted during a commercial break when he saw a familiar face appear on screen.It had been almost a year since Bill Green, a legendary Maine journalist, had …

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