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Article très utile mais je n’arrive pas à transformer sur la page produit le format des vignettes qui est carrée (dans la galerie produit) alors que j’ai besoin qu’elles apparaissent en format portrait : pouvez vous me dire si c’est possible et sur quelle classe d’images agir. With Divi… To change the logo height you go to: Divi > Theme Customizer > Header & Navigation > Primary Menu Bar. C’est difficile de comprendre à distance… Avez-vous un lien, une page qui présenterait ce souci ? This new tutorial explains you how to add icons in the Divi menu, only with some CSS (without plugin)! Then we set the height to 250px (to get square images, in this case). This format is set with the dimensions of 1080px * 675px - always a 16:10 ratio. In this article, we're going to cover all of those points. You’re welcome Rez ! Enfin, dans Simple Media Sizes, j’ai cela : Changing these settings may require you to adjust the dimensions of your images slightly. 4. This format is less known, it is close to 16:9 and it is the format used by Divi, especially for the "headline images" of the articles and thumbnails of the "blog module in grid mode". Ai je raté quelque chose ? Divi doesn't show the mobile icon when the main (desktop) height setting is the default of 500px, but if you change this to something else (e.g. Merci infiniment. Comment gérer les deux formats pour éviter le redimensionnement par le site. Once the Divi Theme has been installed on your website, you will notice a Use Divi Builder button above the post editor every time you are building a new page. The above code only applies to the Divi Blog Module in the Divi Page Builder. To switch the Divi logo set in the Theme Options for a new logo image you will need to; Use Any Image Size or Shape! 3:4 – 600 x 800 (recommended for … ... We can use some custom CSS to switch the Divi logo image when your users scroll down the page and activate the Fixed Navigation bar. 2. This should also interest you: how to get square images for the Blog, Gallery and Portfolio modules. l’image est redimensionné en 1:1 et elle se déforme ! In fact, it's not just Divi, all WordPress themes use specific image sizes and many users can feel frustrated at one time or another. This post may contain referral links which may earn a commission for this site. For example, you upload an image with a size of 1280px * 720px to your library => it is the original format of your image. Très intéressant tout ça. Everyone seems to love our other post on changing the image aspect ratio of Divi images, but that tutorial only shows how to do it on the Image Module.In this tutorial, we will be using the same math, same code, and the same process to change the Divi Gallery image aspect ratio using the Divi … DIVI LOGO SIZE. Para cambiar la proporción y tamaño de las miniaturas se puede añadir en el archivo functions.php del chiltheme este código: // Begin custom image size for Gallery Module Everyone knows it ! Don't forget to save your changes. Next, click the Use Visual Builder button to launch the builder in Visual Mode. Here’s an example Conductor block that displays two featured blog posts with thumbnail sized fea… J’ai suivi ce que vous indiquiez, j’ai pour ma part mis une taille d’image de 200×200 pour le et-pb-post-main-image-fullwidth, afin d’avoir une image carré et surtout plus petite pour un article en pleine page. J’aimerais modifier le Hn de mon texte Overlay Title Part 2 Merci. Don't delay any longer! Toutefois, cela ne semble pas fonctionner pour les vignettes du portfolio pleine largeur… J’aimerais les avoir carrées mais j’avoue qu’aucune solution trouvée sur internet ne semble marcher. How to set the image size of your WooCommerce product gallery. This is called THUMBNAILS or VIGNETTES. how to get square images for the Blog, Gallery and Portfolio modules, find out how to avoid cropped images in Divi, this guide dedicated to image optimization for the web. As we have just seen, WordPress needs 3 image formats, but the Divi themerequires 7 additional formats, here they are: This is the format used to thumbnails of the BLOG Module in "grid" version as well as in "slide" version. Enable the "Use Icon Font Size" option. If the image will display as a full-screen header it will need to be much larger than if it were an image for a blurb in a 1/6 column. ***** Update 10/28/2014 ***** Change Layout on Default WordPress Blog Pages. All you will have to do is enter the new width or height of the thumbnail you want to change. dan on October 18, 2020 at 9:57 pm Hey Mikkel, glad you were able to sort it out, and thanks for sharing your solution! Also, be sure to include space for padding if you plan to have space between your images. mais toujours pareil ma photo est identique…. While building your Conductor block, you can select a featured image size in the Advanced Settingssection. We use cookies to ensure that you have the best experience on our site. I also show you how to fix bugs 😉. Taille et-pb-post-main-image-fullwidth 800×500 rognage : oui It also creates this new thumbnail size when new images are uploaded in WordPress. Après vous les televersez sur votre site depuis Media > bibliothèque > ajouter. Tutorials are not only a great way to save money, they’re also a great way to … Afin que je puisse avoir une idée ? Divi's default image sizes for the Blog and Portfolio modules are set at 400 x 284. But shouldn't the formula be 4*width + 3*spacing <= 1080px? 501px), the mobile icon will appear. Bonjour, Je découvre divi qui est une révolution ! If you follow the tutorial in the link above to change the thumbnail size loaded in the modules, your featured images should have the same aspect ratio value as the size you set in the filter. Then there are two solutions to remedy this: I bet you prefer the second option, don't you? It is the 3:4 aspect ratio, and it is best for portraits. The general rule of thumb is to have your images be at least as wide as the column in which it sits. 3.1 Understand the importance of RATIO (or REPORT), 3.2 Resize images before uploading to WordPress. add_filter( 'et_pb_portfolio_image_height', 'portfolio_size_h' ); Donc dans ton cas, c’est la boîte qu’il faut réduire et non l’image… tu comprends ? Thanks for your comment ! It uses the dimensions 2880px * 1800px. This format uses the dimensions of 400px * 516px - a ratio of 100:129. I found out how to do it myself using the code below: Now, if you look at the files on your site, via FTP (Filezilla), in the www > wp-content > uploads > folder year > folder month, you will realize that WordPress has multiplied your image in 5, 6, 7 or 8 files or even more! You can of course change this to suit your needs. The same image loads on large desktop, tablet and mobiles. Est-ce que j’ai répondu à votre question ? Bonsoir Eddy. Merci pour votre rapidité. Here are 10 reasons to choose this theme ! Display cropped images instead of originals to cut page load time. You can, for instance, use it to give additional perspective to testimonials, about pages and team pages. Obviously, depending on your project, it is strongly possible that you may want to change the size of Divi's images. I’m sorry for you but, if you read this post until the end, you will see that I have wrote an important message : « If you want to get into this kind of changes, I strongly advise you to duplicate your site locally to do your experiments to avoid problems (which I can not help you solve simply by leaving a comment on this article) » Items which determine displayed content are what define a query. There are several ways you can measure the space needed. Or, la boîte fait 1000px par exemple et élargi ton image en la pixelisant afin qu’elle fasse 1000px de large. This is the format used to the front page image that appears at the top of each of your projects (Portfolio) but also for the images on the Portfolio Module project page in "Full Screen" mode. It works well of course like the other reports, except that we will certainly need a calculator to do this calculation: [(width of an image)/16*9 = height]. Divi will also generate multiple image sizes for images as you upload them and it will automatically choose which image to use. Each theme has different visuals so each theme will need different image formats. As a result, even beginners will be able to do it! For example, maybe you post a lot of images to Facebook and want your Divi blog images to align with Facebook’s recommended image size (1200 x 630). Actually using 100% will not make the image bigger if the image is smaller than the div size you specified. Since I first wrote this, Divi has added an option which allows you to control the size of the left-positioned blurb icon. À présent, si vous observez les fichiers de votre site, via FTP (Filezilla), à l’arborescence www > wp-content > uploads > dossier année > dossier moi… la déformation des photos, j’ai mis une image 1280X720 ou même en 1080, nickel sur PC en pleine ecran mais quand je réduis la fenêtre ou pire quand je visionne sur mobile Image format n°1 : and-pb-post-main-image, Image format n°2: and-pb-post-main-image-fullwidth, Image format n°4 : and-pb-portfolio-module-image, Image format n°5: and-pb-portfolio-image-single, Image format n°6: and-pb-gallery-module-image-portrait, Image format #7: and-pb-post-main-image-fullwidth-large. This tweak allows you to change those values to square, portrait, or any custom size you need. The width normally available to the portfolio images is 1080px and if the images are taking up too much space the ones on the end will be pushed down to the next row. Avez-vous essayé depuis un autre navigateur pour voir si ça fait pareil ? Responsive Image divi module – It’s available in regular divi section. Hundreds of new features for Divi This format uses the dimensions of 1080px * 9999px. Bonjour Update: Divi has released an update that allows for responsive background settings which include adding a different background image on desktop, tablet, and phone. Auriez-vous une solution ou un début de piste? So a 1000*1000px image, a 750px*750px image or even a 500px*500px image will always have the same ratio. Here's the program: Advertisement: This article contains affiliate links that you will easily recognize. Malgré toutes les explications très claires, les images « à la une » sur mon blog continuent d’être floues, et ça me chagrine fortement… Bonne journée ! Car je ne suis pas sûre d’avoir rencontré ce souci. Here are some examples: This 1:1 ratio means that the width is equivalent to the height. Finally we set the space between adjacent images to be 26px. This m… You need to set one of the dimensions, height or width in order to have all images fill the space. That one actuallyy make the blog use the original uploaded image aspect ratio instead. Hi, i want to know if exist a way to change the image for the thumbnails, Divi choose by default my_image_300x200… i want to use my_image_768x512 i have two columns and the resolution is too poor Vote Up 0 Vote Down Reply OMG thank you for posting the link to the Simple Image Sizes plugin. The classic links are in purple and sponsored links are in pink. Ils peuvent peut-être t’aider ? Conductor allows you to display content in blocks by building a query and a display. Knowing how to change an image on hover can come in handy for any kind of website you’re working on. The new Height option is available on standard sliders, post sliders, fullwidth sliders and fullwidth post sliders. Next, click the Use Visual Builder button to launch the builder in Visual Mode. in one easy-to-use plugin. Prévenez-moi de tous les nouveaux articles par e-mail. Auriez-vous une idée ? You can also click the Use Visual Builderbutton when browsing your website o… The non-responsive image have a single image size. This is a tricky subject: the size of Divi's images. Then in the Divi Theme Options General Settings just upload your logo image. À vérifier…. On this blog, for example, I didn't change the size of my front page images, I simply adapted my visuals. Bonsoir Vulcain : as-tu regénérer les thumbnails ? Merci pour votre réponse claire. Votre adresse de messagerie ne sera pas publiée. Je la téléverse dans WP, et là j’ai Imagify qui essaye de la compresser, mais je restaure l’original, et également WP Optimize qui essaye d’agir, mais je pense avoir réussi à l’empêcher de la compresser. If you continue to use the latter, we will consider that you accept the use of cookies. You don't use Divi yet? It will be perfect for future images you upload to WordPress, but in the meantime, for your old images (those already in the media library) to work, you must regenerate the thumbnails. Je vois ce que vous voulez dire. Merci Valentin, je ne saurais pas répondre à ta question. Elle peut ne plus être maintenue ou supportée et peut avoir des problèmes de compatibilité lorsqu’elle est utilisée avec des versions de WordPress plus récentes. » ? De plus, il faudrait voir si cela n’impactera pas en mal votre SEO. It is a very sensitive aspect of website building. Merci. Change the Divi logo size using the Theme Customizer. Valentin, Merci pour votre article très utile. As-tu contacté le support d’ElegantThèmes ? Est-ce que votre tutoriel permet aussi de personnaliser les vignettes du portfolio pleine-largeur ? Un développeur pourrait faire ça facilement… S’il y en a un qui passe par ici…, Bonjour, Technically, of course, there are still a couple of extra pixels of room in the row left over since 4*250 + 3*26 is only 1078… , Your email address will not be published. Tout les autres tutos du web ne traitent que la partie CSS de la taille des galeries mais aucun ne mentionne le process de régénération des miniatures qui est indispensable. It was a surprisingly simple fix and worked beautifully! First we set the image width to 250px. 4.1 - Installing and activating the Simple Media Sizes extension, 5. Je ne vois que les 3 formats WordPress…. In my experience it's better to have the height set so each row is the same size, then all items wrap to next line properly. A Common Problem How To Hide A Divi Background Image on Mobile. Finally, click on the blue "update" button. Welcome to our fourth and final (we think) tutorial in our “change image aspect ratio” series. CSS height and width Values. So, I’ve got this image here, this is my one column image. J’ai suivi votre tutoriel que je trouve très bien fait. We will see a method that will not require any special coding. To use it: 1. The browser decides the best image size to render. function image_size_w($width) { return ‘400’;}, add_image_size( ‘custom-image-size’, 400, 400 ); So basically uploadling the images at 900px wide, change the module width setting to 100% and remove the top and bottom padding. To switch the Divi logo set in the Theme Options for a new logo image you will need to; Cheers, Hey Clay, the formula was correct as the spacing was being added to the last item in the row too, though that meant the original padding amount of 25px wasn't correct (since 4*250 + 4*25 > 1080)… I've updated the code to remove the spacing on the last item in the row, so now your formula is the correct one. As we highlighted earlier, Divi logo size is a topic we need to pay close attention to. Bonjour, J’hésitais entre les réglages « Simple Image Sizes » et la reduction des image avant televersement. Great for SEO! Hi, I have a few images uploaded in a slider. Discover the Divi theme here ! followed this tutorial and now my website doesnt load.. thanks for fucking it up! How to obtain correct images while keeping the size of Divi's images? Je vais essayer de réinstaller WordPress et aller jeter un coup d’œil aux media queries. We know that the dimensions are important only because they affect the weight of the images, but the ratio is much more important. When I give Divi bands and WordPress, there are many questions that come up every time: I know it's kind of annoying. Par exemple, si tu regardes les captures d’écran de ce tuto, tu verras que les images sont au bon format (portrait) et je n’ai pas eu à modifier cela… To locate the Divi Theme Options, click the Divi > Theme Options link in your WordPress Dashboard. This feature is available as an option in Divi Booster 2.4.6 onwards. Change the Divi logo size using the Theme Customizer. This ratio means that the width is equivalent to 3 thirds and the height is equivalent to 2 thirds. je souhaite mettre des images en avant pour mes articles. Same for 1800px*1200px images, they will always have a ratio of 3 :2. Super article merci, je suis passé à divi depuis début 2019 et c’est un vrai régale ! To change the logo height you go to: Divi > Theme Customizer > Header & Navigation > Primary Menu Bar In the logo max height field you can change the logo height. Désolée de ne pas pouvoir plus t’aider. why does my portrait image appear in landscape format? Your company logo is placed at the top of every page within the Divi Theme Header. 3. Let’s say I want to test out what this looks like if it’s 600 pixels tall. add_filter( ‘et_pb_gallery_image_width’, ‘image_size_w’ ); function image_size_h($height) {return ‘400’;} Go to: Blurb Settings > Design > Image & Icon. I see the question of how to hide a Divi background image on mobile over and over in the Divi Facebook groups. Fullwidth Responsive Image divi module – It’s available in fullwidth divi section. // End custom image size for Portfolio Module. Once the Divi Theme has been installed on your website, you will notice a Use Divi Builder button above the post editor every time you are building a new page. ce serait formidable, Bonjour Dominique, By subscribing to this newsletter you accept the Privacy Policy. For example, maybe you post a lot of images to Facebook and want your Divi blog images to align with Facebook’s recommended image size (1200 x 630). Si j’avais un conseil à vous donner, ce serait d’installer un WordPress en local avec Mamp / Xampp / FlyWheel. Bonjour et merci pour ce tuto sur la taille des images. Je suppose qu’il faut modifier le fichier qui contient cette « boîte » et le placer dans un thème enfant…, Bonsoir, Divi offers two options for the slide position. The Solution – Divi responsive image size plugin The Divi Responsive Image Size plugin has two modules. Car là, comme ça, je ne vois pas ce qu’il pourrait clocher…, Bonjour, Salut Mathilde, En fait la « boîte » qui contient l’image fait appel à une version de ton image par exemple 200×200. either you bend to your theme and use the, if you want to obtain an image weight suitable for, if you want to adapt the image format to the dimensions used by the theme, if you do not want the displayed images to be cropped. You can adjust the size of the logo in Divi’s theme customizer, but you can’t adjust it larger than its native pixel size. }, add_image_size( 'custom-portfolio-size', 400, 400 ); It’s a pleasure 😉 Ma photo fait 738 KB. Les champs obligatoires sont indiqués avec *. It was a surprisingly simple fix and worked beautifully! So if you want to keep the height of your primary menu the same like it is on the Divi demo site, just keep the height of your logo at 43px. Quand on fait des modifications de ce genre, c’est pas bon de le faire sur un site en production. Je reviendrai ici pour la réponse. If you feel like making these kinds of modifications, I strongly advise you to duplicate your site locally to do your experimentations in order to avoid encountering problems (which I couldn't help you solve simply by leaving a comment on this article). I’ve succeeded to change the aspect ratio, however, the aspect ratio is changed but the image used for the GALLERY is the “et-pb-portfolio-image size”, which is, by default, 400x284px. It is probably the most suitable way for making the icon bigger. J’ai une question concernant la gestion du module Image intense de Divi You can also click the Use Visual Builderbutton when browsing your website on the fro… If you follow the tutorial in the link above to change the thumbnail size loaded in the modules, your featured images should have the same aspect ratio value as the size you set in the filter. Merci pour cet article et pour l’astuce avec Image Media Sizes. J’espère que ces précisions t’auront aidées. Une idée ? Dans un premier temps, il va falloir comprendre ce que fait WordPress lorsque vous téléchargez une image dans la bibliothèque des médias. One way to adjust your featured image sizes is through our Conductor plugin. HomeCustomize DiviHow to change the size of Divi's images? In fact, dimensions are of little importance and this is often the most difficult thing to understand. Je ne sais pas si les choses ont changé depuis 2 ans mais je ne vois pas comment customiser les formats d’image Divi dans Réglages > Médias. No need for an extension, Divi makes it easy! Using Aspect Ratio as a Reference. They don’t serve a responsive image. This format is set with the dimensions of 400px * 250px - a ratio of 16:10 (slightly different from 16:9). When using this, the images are looking very low quality like. Simple Media Sizes is a free extension available on the official WordPress directory, i.e., directly from your administration at the Extensions > Add tab. Le before after est vraiment un effet sympa, on ne peut s’empêcher de toucher au curseur, même si il est payant, je pense que c’est un bon investissement si on est pas calé en code ^^ Bonsoir Lulu. }, function portfolio_size_w($width) { Your email address will not be published. ou une histoire de media queries en fonction de votre résolution d’écran ? Glad to help you… J’aimerais juste que les images pour le module BLOG en plein écran soient plus petites (j’ai essayé 400×400). Excellent tuto merci et bon conseil pour « Simple Image Sizes » mais il me reste un doute : Lorsque vous dites de « redimensionner les images avant le telechargement » dans WP, voulez-vous dire qu’il faudrait importer par ftp toutes les dimensions necessaires ? I hope this article has helped you understand how images work in WordPress and the size of Divi images.

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