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However, her visiting family refuses to leave (Mom, Marjorie, Rebecca). Dr. Mike takes Ethan to court. Dr Mike oversees such cases as: negligence on Hank's part in breaking Horace's nose; a land dispute between Grace and Dorothy over who owns the land that the cafe resides on when both hold legal deeds; wrongful imprisonment of Hank; and, Loren slipping and falling at Preston's hotel. A wandering cowboy abandons his baby boy and leaves him in Dr. Mike's care. She is offered clothing and anything that she wants but refuses and faints. Dr. Mike also sees it and thinks the same thing. Trying to deal with a wanted man desperate enough to sacrifice his love, a man wanting to egg him into showing he hasn't been tamed by society, Hank's cavalier attitude, and a Senator who is all too eager to shoot first and ask questions later as well as shun Robert E, Sully struggles to keep a lid on the posse, while Mike wages complaints at the way her substitute is running her practice while she is on maternity leave. Elsewhere, when Hank's grandmother visits, he must maintain a façade to prevent her from discovering the truth about his sordid life. Dr. Mike is kidnapped in retaliation and Sully vows to find her. Colleen arrives home from college along with the great singer Gilda St. Claire who is in town to perform a concert. Myra tries to talk to Grace who deals with her jealousy of Myra's pregnancy, when Myra's baby is born prematurely, and helps Colleen deliver Myra's baby ushering in a new life for the one lost in Dr. Mike's absence who is with Sam on the mountain. (See Tuberculosis treatment in Colorado Springs). Loren gives Brian the picture frame to give to Colleen. They return to town just in time to keep the Cheyenne from getting hanged. He wires the army and Robert E, Dorothy, Daniel, Matthew, Dr. Mike and Sully only have 2 days before they arrive. Although the book quickly becomes a bestseller, Dorothy is dismayed by the angry reaction of her friends and neighbors, who feel betrayed by the secrets she has revealed. Sully tries to think of a way to get him acquitted and discovers a solution. Dr. Mike tells Sully she wants to climb Pike's Peak as well. Colleen decides to no longer be friends with the most popular girl in town (Alice) because she is bossy. Together with Cloud Dancing and Sully, Dr. Mike visits the Freedman's Village and treats sick children. Robert E tries to talk to her, but she brushes him off. Everyone is invited to dinner and is invited to stay at the White House and becomes close to the first family where they learn all about Grant and his oppositions; Jesse Grant shows Brian a secret passageway into the President's office. Meanwhile, Could Dancing gets Sully and together with Matthew they try to persuade the Indians to take another paths instead of staying and fighting. The television series ran on CBS for six seasons, from January 1, 1993 to May 16, 1998. As tension mounts after the shooting, Preston will try anything to stop Dorothy from printing a fair editorial about the incident in her newspaper because he dreads what this will mean for their business. Here you will find all the episodes of the seriesDr. Brian lands hard, hitting his head. Erika Flores final appearance episode takes place after the episode “Indian Agent.“. Sully again receives a job offer from Welland Smith to guide politicians through the wilderness so they can vote to preserve it. He decides to take them into town where he runs into the Army looking for Dog Soldiers. However, Dr. Mike explains that Lucius's heart has grown very weak and he doesn't have much time left, and strongly urges Jake to find closure with his father before he dies, as her own father died suddenly and she never got a chance to say some things she had kept to herself. Hank sets a horse off with the wagon Dr. Mike is standing on so that she falls off, onto the ground. Meanwhile, Sully and Cloud Dancing try to reason with Black Moon, a young brave experiencing "visions" of victory over the cavalry. Sully has a supposed, Jackson Tait comes to town, surveying it for the railroad. Dr. Mike talks to Colleen about the fact that everyone develops at different rates, and has something they don't like about themselves, and girls mature faster than boys. Michaela is becoming finicky about the wedding details and Colleen asks her if she disapproves of the marriage much like her own mother disapproved of her marriage to Sully. After Dr. Mike and Sully buy supplies for the Cheyenne, Little Thunder is shot and killed. But when there is an explosion at the railway, the military puts a bounty out for Sully. she then faints again and Dr. Mike concludes she has, When a group of orphans from New York arrive in Colorado Springs, Jake and Loren take an immediate dislike to them, but Reverend and Dr. Mike volunteer to take them in. Loren, the unforgiving father-in-law, threatens to take back Sully's homestead. He has put off his mourning of the massacre because at the time it hit Dr. Mike so hard and now he must find himself again to help Loren, the only other family he's ever known besides the Cheyenne and now Dr. Mike. going back another way, Sully finds the road washed out, and supports Loren. Further examination shows it's not a pregnancy but. While Sully, together with his family, finally is on the way home, Cloud Dancing overhears the Major giving orders to ambush the Indians. Snow Bird suffers a, Dr. Mike remains the sole voice of reason when townsfolk read a newspaper article from the New York Post predicting that a comet will end the world. The Senator refuses to listen to Dr. Mike and has her thrown out. The entire tribe has been wiped out, and Black Kettle and his family lie shot in the back by a riverbank. Her last words to her husband are a lamentation, "What will Cloud Dancing do without me?" Matthew continues to ignore Sully's advice. Dr. Mike joins the ladies’ quilting circle where she clashes with Miss Olive over small pox vaccinations, Dr. Mike’s auction donation. Dr. Mike forgets about Snowbird's initiation, after Sully reminds her, and tells her if she becomes Mayer, she'll be busier than ever. 1. Sully pleads with Cloud Dancing to try to dissuade the renegades from attacking, who says he'll do his best. At the sweetheart's dance Loren tells Dr. Mike, he is not going to sell the store and will come back from San Francisco. When Dr. Mike examines him, she discovers that he is in fact a woman. Dr. Mike, Sully and Colleen choose to focus on the positives. The next morning at breakfast, after talking about ghosts spelling out the one you love, Brian believes "there'll be a big S" for Dr. Mike. Tragedy strikes Dr. Mike's family when Matthew's fiancée, Ingrid, falls deathly ill after she is bitten by Brian's dog, who has contracted rabies from a raccoon. Two men hold Sully up at gunpoint, demanding he turn around. Meanwhile the Quinn ladies along with Dr. Cook try everything they know to save members of the community to include those that have become near and dear to Dr. Mike. Kid Cole says everybody dies and Sister Ruth asks him wouldn't you rather be right with the Lord when you die. After she died, they sent Zack to live with Mrs. Johnson because he was "simple." Lewis finally gets the letter to Sully by giving it to Dr. Mike who reads it first and informs Sully of what was going on. Dorothy uses her influence as a writer in the paper to help release her. She orders it anyway without Sully's knowledge. Despite the fact that the area is Cheyenne burial ground and is sacred, he ignores Sully's advice and the consequences. He tells him the treatment for consumption is rest and nutrition, both of which Black Moon can not provide. However Matthew, hell bent that he is the only law, arrests Sully, not wanting to hear his side of the story. Daniel Simon, lifelong friend of Sully's that had left previously after falling in love with Michaela, returns to Colorado Springs to help Dr. Mike, Matthew, and Brian search for a dying and missing Sully. Dr. Mike and Sully challenge him as to answering to a higher power. Dr. Mike must learn to trust her judgements as a physician as after a tragedy, which Dr. Mike was responsible for, she must try a risky procedure on patients very close to her family's heart. Johnny Cash returns to reprise his role as Kid Cole. With the railroad comes an increase in crime in Colorado Springs, and the town decides to elect a sheriff. Later they meet Mrs. Grant, who says she will encourage her husband to listen to her. But Sully disagrees, saying that they'll always be someone coming after them and it will be impossible to stop. Grace and Robert argue about voting for Dr. Mike. He then shyly confesses to Ingrid that he doesn't know how to dance. Sully tells Dr. Mike what would have happened if she had told the truth. After being nominated for Woman of the Year by a suffragette organization, Dr. Mike feels overwhelmed by the pressure to win. When Sgt. But Sully tells Matthew that it isn't being a coward when "you're not doing everything every muscle in you wants to do". However, after shaving his face clean, he recognizes the man as his father, Lucius Slicker, who abandoned him and his deceased mother years before to search for gold, but Lucius does not recognize him back. She is hit especially hard after failing to get a shipment of medicine in time to treat Maude Bray, who suffers a fatal heart attack. Kid Cole's coughing from tuberculosis starts up again. Grace's drinking is getting worse and threatens her health. When the town's water supply is tainted with mercury by a wealthy mining baron, many people become sick and Dr. Mike threatens the miner to clean it up or have his land taken away. Sully arrives at the homestead with a telegram from her father, who is a judge and says he wants her to hang. Colleen finds the harassment unbearable and confronts the boy from school saying she will not be friends with someone who only notices her for her body and not as a whole person. However, she confides in Dorothy and asks for her advice, off the record. When Jake places a tombstone to mark the grave, Brian asks him what he is going to put on it, and after telling him the heartfelt epitaph, Jake breaks down sobbing in Brian's arms. Sully was going to pay Loren for the lumber, but when he finds out about the window Dr. Mike ordered, he has to give Loren the money he was going to pay for the lumber, Dr. Mike and Sully argue, Sully gives her the $12.50 she paid for the window, which leaves him broke, and can't buy any more lumber. Michaela attempts to try her hand at cooking but is unsuccessful. When Dr. Mike speaks to Sully with General Parker's help, Sully says he needs to speak to Senator Moses about the fact he was set up. Brian sees a. Feuds and jealousies are aroused when the townsfolk begin trying out for their roles in a rustic production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in celebration of Valentine's Day. But as they're about the board the train to leave Washington, Sully is arrested for desertion of the army. Wolf finds Colleen and Brian and Colleen contracts a case of potentially lethal pneumonia, after she falls into the creek, which, upon the kids apprehension, Mike treats. Colleen develops a crush on a handsome ne'er do well cowhand named Jesse. Sister Ruth tries to convince the gunslinger of her feelings, admitting her love and receiving a kiss. Send help." Loren's sister-in-law Dorothy comes to town to flee her abusive husband. Despite Sully and Dr. Mike saying they love each other, Dr. Mike won't say what is bothering her. Brian begins to exhibit symptoms of brain compression, which starts off by blurred vision and quickly escalates to. Jake slips into a depression and receives help from an unexpected source. S1, Ep1 2 Jan. 1993 Rather than refusing to help the soldiers, Michaela decides to put up the soldiers in the clinic, and on Cloud Dancing's advice Sully decides to help the army scout out the Indian camp, both in order to help thwart the army's mission, and learn information. Meanwhile, Cloud Dancing talks with Dr. Mike about an ominous dream he had about something carrying her away from Sully and that he is going off on a vision quest to find peace after suspecting this dream may heavily affect him as well. Sully is guilted into arranging an escape for Cloud Dancing, believing he is doing the right thing only to learn that the others tricked him so that they may start a war...leading him and the other Indians to become wanted men. On arrival, one of Dr. Mike's sisters, Marjorie, is disdainful to her husband Everett of the children and Dr. Mike's insistence on seeing their ailing mother. Dr. Mike advises Belle if she turns herself in she will get a lighter sentence. Brian and his friends learn a valuable lesson about frog jumping and gambling. On election day, the women of the town all come out to vote and are initially turned away, until they all present an official document saying that Sully deeded to each of them a small part of his homestead, making them all land owners, and eligible voters. Matthew buys all of Ingrid's dance tickets, but Ingrid cries when it appears no one wants to dance with her. Preston gets a letter and begins behaving strangely – closes the bank during business hours, and not reacting to Andrew's quitting the practice at the hotel. Matthew needs help from members of his family if he is to succeed in court and relieve his friend in need. After a heart-to-heart with Colleen, Dr. Mike learns that Colleen is having trouble keeping up at school and unsure of what she wants to do with her future and Dr. Mike says that she supports her fully no matter what she decides. A young man (Yumi Iwama) comes by the clinic asking for help for his grandfather's patients who do not respond well to the traditional Eastern treatments. Dr. Mike then realizes that his only intention is to replace his dead son Carlton after learning he blames his brother, Michaela's father, for his son's death and not to further Brian's career as a pianist. Meanwhile Colleen convinces Brian to do what is right for the horse. She also notices Sully, a former miner who … Loren says to Brian he loves him and regrets he didn't say it to Olive. However, Cloud Dancing parts ways with Dr. Mike and Sully because he needs more time to properly grieve in his own right. Dr. Mike testifies on the conditions the Cheyenne are forced to live under and after making some difference, everyone decides to head home. It turns out that Preston has invested the money in the bank in stocks and therefore does not have the money to give to return to the bank clientele. The Reverend thanks Loren for his help to cope with his blindness. Dr. Mike becomes the first woman admitted into the prestigious American Medical Society, but her new credential doesn't help her diagnose a young boy's deadly illness. Meanwhile, Dorothy struggles to expand the Gazette and master her new printing press. Emma's business takes off – she has 15 customers lined up wanting a dress from the woman who sews for Gilda St. Claire. We learn that they became friends when Colleen went to the opera in Denver, she helped Gilda during a medical emergency before the show. Select all. As Thanksgiving approaches, Dr. Mike attempts to convince the townsfolk to share their feast with the impoverished Indians living at the Palmer Creek reservation. The next day, Hank shows Dr. Mike the drawing. Dr. Mike asks Cloud Dancing to show the townspeople how to grow plants without water, but without success. Dr. Mike risks the health of her unborn baby when she helps a mysterious and beautiful stranger who carries a dreaded disease. But Sister Ruth refuses to leave, praying for Dr. Mike and Kid Cole. With Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Chad Allen, Jessica Bowman. While mending fences, Jon comments on the number of cattle Miss Olive has. She also has to deliver a baby on what was to be a romantic evening for her and Sully. Hank stirs up racial hatred against Grace, and Grace is angry that Robert E. doesn't stand up for her. Pilot Episode First Aired: January 1, 1993 Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn (Jane Seymour), a Boston blue blood, gets off to a rocky start when she opens a practice in Colorado. While it seems they both want a divorce, Kid Cole reveals he is dying. Sully tries to deter him, but to no avail. The children also learn of some plots against the President. After the death of her father, Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn of Boston, Massachusetts watches their medical practice evaporate and decides she must go where she is needed. McKay (David Beecroft) holds Sully responsible for the Dog Soldiers' attacks, he and Cloud Dancing must attempt to escape to safer American Indian lands. Sadly, Marjorie Quinn dies with Dr. Mike and their mother by her side. Dr. Mike tries to tell Sully about Jesse, but he says they need him. Lucius wanders off again and hitches up one of Robert E's mules, mistaking it for the one he forgot had died. Dr. Mike's sister, Marjorie, returns to Colorado Springs as a member of the Women's Temperance League to outlaw alcohol. Johnson recruits a new schoolteacher (. Will she ever feel happy again or trust in mankind? While there are other episodes that show the Army wearing the lite blue winter coat, this is the only one that shows Army Soldiers on patrol wearing the coat as seen in the episode "Safe Passage.". Dr. Mike takes the child back with her and confronts the townsfolk, who reluctantly admit to knowing the boy's mother was one of Hank's “girls”. Brian rushes off to Dr. Mike to let her know what has happened, and she conveys the sad news to Jake, who is unmoved. His father dies with only Brian in the room speaking to him and believing him to be a young Jake, telling him he is sorry for not being strong enough to be his father and that he turned out good, willing him his gold. With General Parker's help Dr. Mike is able to testify before Congress, but she is ignored. When she arrives in Colorado Springs in 1867, she is met with derision and hostility by most of the townspeople except Charlotte Cooper (Diane Ladd) and “mountain man” Byron Sully (Joe Lando). Although the town is prepared to bury him in their cemetery, Lucius remained clear-headed long enough to indicate to Brian where he truly wanted to be buried- beside his mule in the wilderness, where he is given a small funeral. As the Chinese laborers send lanterns down the river to honor those who lost their lives on the job and help their souls find peace, Brian presents a lantern to Matthew to respectfully say a final goodbye to Ingrid and make peace with her departure. Upon seeing the dress that Emma made for Colleen's birthday, Gilda commissions a dress from Emma. In Part 2, Brian and Colleen reluctantly go with Ethan and Lillian and Dr. Mike says they will appeal and hire her father's lawyer. Yet again, the Cheyenne are deprived of receiving a proper shipment of supplies, and Sully finally concludes that President Grant has deceived him, having no intentions of saving the Indians, but rather working in this backhanded manner to wear them down until they could be finished off. Dog Soldiers attack the Wakefield family. Cloud Dancing provides the turkey and is invited to Thanksgiving with Ingrid. Check if it is available to stream online via "Where to Watch". After examining her mother, herself, Dr. Mike ends up curing her mother, diagnosing, Back from Boston, Sully and Dr. Mike start to "go courtin'" but a drought threatens the town. His distaste for Sully and their way of life comes to light in a big way after the accident and causes great discord for the family. Most of the town will pull together praying for his recovery. Matthew takes Brian to find Hank's horse, and discovers it is injured and in danger of becoming lame due to infection in its leg. Reverend Johnson collapses in school while teaching his class because of his wisdom tooth. They demand the release of Belle and kidnap Brian. She goes to Reverend Johnson, but he refuses to speak to Custer. He tells him how to find turkey tracks. Below is a complete Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Everyone’s money and Colleen’s gold watch are also missing. Loren sees the two together and becomes jealous. (He is also a sensitive hunk who throws a mean tomahawk.) Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was a show that focused on Dr. Mike, a woman doctor in a time when that was unheard of. Hank decides to leave, separating Myra and Horace. Furious, she leaves saying she doesn't care if she never sees his face again. Dr. Mike helps a cow deliver her calf with the help of Brian, Sully, and Matthew. The Reverend reads the results and Jake wins the vote, but not by a large margin, and keeps his promise to make it legal for women to vote, whether they own property or not. It is Clarice, Zack’s mother. Myra offers send a wire to the Army to help resolve the conflict, but Brian and Colleen cut the telegraph wires, fearful of what the Army would do to the Cheyenne. At the end of the episode, the family takes the eagle out to Matthew's unfinished homestead and it finally leaves its cage and is free. Li Ying and her grandfather choose to leave with her people. She is hurt and upset by a discouraging letter from her mother which she shares with the Cooper children who finally realize she will be a loving mother and raise them properly. Although Dr. Mike and the Reverend favor the opening of a school on the Indian reservation, Cloud Dancing sees it as the final destruction of Indian culture. The engagement ring that Jake ordered arrives and he gives it to Teresa and tells the town about the engagement at a town picnic. Loren, deeply annoyed by Itzahk's presence in the town, tries to get Jake and Hank to take his side, but Hank reveals he was once stuck in a blizzard and his life was saved by a Jew, so he refuses to play along. Loren gets drunk, attempts to fight with Sully, and falls unconscious. A Time to Heal is the eigth and ninth episodes of Season 6 of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, the one hundred twenty-sixth and one hundred twenty-seventh episodes of the series, and the sixth two part episode.An epidemic of diphtheria hits town and Dr. Mike sends Brian and Katie to hide with Sully until it's over. She tells him, she is going to move out. When Gilda is being measured for the dress, Gilda shows Colleen pictures of all the places she has traveled. Note: This episode was aired out of order. Directed by James Keach. In Part 2, Sully sets out to rescue Dr. Mike, who is now Sully's "heart-song". Sully and the kids must help Mike deal with the emotional aftermath of the Washita massacre; but are at a loss as Sully knows it is not only the loss of friends she is mourning but something inside her that is lost as well. Sully and the Cheyenne fear the prospect of train travel coming to Colorado Springs, while Dr. Mike welcomes the idea of progress and the opportunities it will bring for her patients. As Colorado Springs' Commissioner, Sully opposes a deal to mine for copper to make electricity. Kid Cole and Sister Ruth (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash) visit Dr. Mike at a difficult time in their marriage. In her present, she is helping a woman deliver her baby while Mike and Sully hide the woman and her husband from their families who disapprove of their marriage. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Michaela "Mike" Quinn, of Boston, followed in her father's footsteps by becoming a doctor, working beside him. Cloud Dancing joins the Arapaho to help stop the slaughter as Custer and his men have moved to other villages. Robert E. considers leaving and Grace refuses to go because she feels she has an identity where she is—Robert E. threatens to leave her behind. Episode Ep. Sully reveals to her where he was born, how his parents died and coming out West. Ten-year-old Brian becomes smitten with Sara, an "older woman" of 11 who arrives in town with her recently widowed mother. Dr. Mike tells Abagail that she is being selfish and that she should want Sully to get on with his life. Dr. Mike is disappointed when her mother and sisters can't make it to her wedding. TV Shows: Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman fanfiction archive with over 1,040 stories. Colleen gets her ear pierced for her 16th birthday. Hank is very taken by Gilda and asks her for dinner; however, Gilda forgets and accepts an offer at the homestead for Colleen's birthday dinner. Sam rebukes Dr. Mike for following her, but Dr. Mike refuses to leave her. The townspeople gather to say goodbye to Zack as he leaves on the stagecoach for Denver accompanied by Hank. After Myra walks out on Hank, and he angrily throws out all her things onto the street, only the town's love for the infinitely unlovable Hank can pull him from the brink of a deadly coma, after breaking into a drunken rage over Myra ending his entertaining contract at the saloon.

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